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Black High Abrasion Takibak Grade 60° Shore

SM152 Black High Abrasion Natural Rubber Takibak Grade 60° Shore is a high abrasion resistant rubber sheet material particularly suitable for applications such as snow plough rubbers, scraper blades, wipers and hard chute lining. It is a Natural Rubber Rubber with a hardness of 60° shore.
Thickness’ of 20mm & 25mm are available with heavy-duty fabric backing SM152DB.

TAKIBAK’ speciality coated materials
Takibak is a very specialised coating material applied to rubbers to aid with bonding to other substrates. It is coated to a surface of
rubber material and then covered [for protection] with a peel off film. It is normally applied to high abrasion and wear materials for the
lining of chutes and bins but can be applied to other materials for differing applications if required and where the bond or lamination of
a material is important.

The above sheeting is manufactured from top quality virgin materials and ingredients meeting high standard of performance

  • Material Profile: See below 
  • Thickness: 3.0mm to 25mm
  • Sheet Size: 1.4m wide in 10 and 5m rolls
  • Finish: Plate finish
  • Cutting: Standard press-tools (full steel construction advised)
This Product is REACH, RoHS, PAH and CE Compliant

Other grades, colours and finishes are available - subject to minimum batch quantities

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Natural Rubber
General Purpose, High Abrasion, Shotblast, Skirting Rubber, Takibak
Shore Hardness +/- 5º
3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm
Temp Range
-20°C, -10°C, +70°C, -25° C
Insertion Req
Plate / Plate
Resistant To
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Technical Data

Stock Roll Sizes
[mm x mm x m]
3.0mm x 1400mm x 10mSS 3.51ColourBlack
4.0mm x 1400mm x 10mSS  4.68CompoundNR
5.0mm x 1400mm x 10mSS5.85Density [specific gravity]1.17
6.0mm x 1400mm x 5mSS7.02Hardness [Degrees Shore A]60° ± 5°
8.0mm x 1400mm x 5mSS9.36Tensile Strength Kg/cm2 [Polymer]115
10mm x 1400mm x 5mSS 11.70Elongation at break450
12mm x 1400mm x 5mSS 14.04Minimum Temperature-25°C
15mm x 1400mm x 5mSS 17.55Maximum temperature+70°C
 20mm x 1400mm x 5m SS 23.40Abrasion resistance [mm3]120
 25mm x 1400mm x 5m SS 29.25Compression Set (70°C for 22 hours) %